Ukraine Workshop 3rd and 4th of June Introduction Video

Ekipa is offering its exclusive workshop covering all aspects of building and growing an outsourcing firm. In this one day practical workshop, you will learn to use a set of tools to take your company to the next level. 

In this video, Hugo explains how this workshop can help you grow your outsourcing/software service firm.

We’ll start with creating a stronger value proposition and service model, using the business model canvas. Then we’ll use 'the rockefeller habits', a framework for strategy and execution, to put everything into action. In the afternoon, we'll focus on delivering more value to your customers. 

You'll learn more about the way Western Europeans think and buy. And we'll practice several tools you can use in the collaboration with your customers: the culture map (to bridge cultural gaps) and the distributed team canvas (to align your team with the expectations of your customers).