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Adopt agile habits. I’ll show you how to transform into an agile organization where everyone has a sense of ownership and innovates. 15 years of experience in 1 book.

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Part 1:
5 Capabilities, 5 Shifts

Transformation starts with leadership. We identified 5 capabilities to develop agile leaders. From there, we discuss 5 big shifts in the way people think about work

Part 2
Agile Fundamentals

To start with agile, we must look at the agile manifesto, scrum, kanban.

This gives a basic understanding of both the ‘being agile’ and the ‘doing agile’. 

Part 3
Enterprise Agility

From the agile fundamentals, we move on to bringing a large group of people into the agile way of working. The ultimate goal is creating an innovation engine.

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Start Agile

Ignite the agile spark. Unleash the right habits.

Start Agile

The frameworks, principles and values to lay a foundation for Agility. 

Build agile habits

Stimulate agile behaviors that lead to the right entrepreneurial culture.

Grow Agile Organisation

Create a modern organization, full of ideas, change and innovation.

Agile Habits

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